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Passionate About Inspiring Others

As a not-for-profit organization, Crossroads of Iowa develops exceptional programs for women, including those in jail or prison, with a focus on mental wellness using a holistic approach.  

You’re always welcome here. Call us; we welcome you to join us!


We want to provide a residential environment along with holistic programs aimed to end drug-related recidivism and relapse for women. These programs have a focus on mental wellness and help enhance the lives of their female participants, including those that return from a Jail/Prison treatment program. Unfortunately, we don't have a residence yet. We would like to put together a committee to fundraise specifically for this purpose. If you are interested, please contact us! 


In the spring of 2012, a grandmotherly woman approached Ruth Hardin, former director of the Beacon of Life Women's Shelter, with a request. She wanted to create a housing community in Iowa for women rebuilding their lives after drug addictions or incarceration. Ruth was so touched by this request that she passed it along to others, including: a retired educator, a retired insurance professional, an assistant manager at HyVee, a photographer, an attorney, a retired cytotechnologist, and a retired law enforcement officer.

They were so inspired by her request that by the end of July 2012 a non-profit was registered, the federal 501(c) (3) tax exempt process had been launched, and an initial meeting had been held to form a non-profit board.

This is the story of Crossroads of Iowa, a grassroots organization formed to help these vulnerable citizens reclaim their lives. We have offered programs and classes for the community at Friends House, such as a series on achieving inner peace called “Keeping Your Cool” by Virginia Hoyt, and “Crochet a Prayer Shawl” by Kathleen Greenwood. In addition, programs focusing on grief and healing are offered within the Polk County Jail.

So far, we have financed everything ourselves through small fundraisers, but we would appreciate contributions from the community.  Please consider supporting this transformational project.


Ruth Hardin, Executive Director                                                         

Rod Powell, President                                                                                                                                                

Debbie Korver, Secretary

Marisa Afinson, Treasurer   

Rebecca Haroldson


Please contact us if you are interested in being on our board of directors.



Robert & Ann Merkley  

Janelle Hall 

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