Crossroads of Iowa
Recovery is a journey, not a destination.
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Located at Friends House
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As a not-for-profit organization, Crossroads for Iowa develops exceptional programs for women who have completed drug treatment programs, including those in jail or prison, with a focus on mental wellness using a holistic approach.   

Our services, classes, and seminars are currently available to all women.

We embrace the ancient tradition of Therapeutic Community for teaching, healing, and support. The Therapeutic Community found its way from Great Britain into the U.S. correctional institutions less than fifty years ago. Today, the Therapeutic Community is embraced in at least one institution  in every state.  

You’re always welcome here. Call us, we welcome you!

 Crossroads of Iowa GRIEF WORKSHOP by Kathleen Greenwoood begins inside the Polk County Jail January 2016.  

This workshop will include a high level overview of the Five Stages of Grief, how they can apply to any loss, the transformative qualities of grieving and a message for closure.  

If a class is held in the community, attendance is limited to 12 or less. Cost is $20-Scholarships available. Please register on the Paypal​ Donation Button

SAVE THE DATE: Crossroads of Iowa Quilt Auction 2015 Quilts & More
Saturday, November 14th, 6:00pm. We apologize but the event was just canceled by the board  member leading the fundraiser.  If you would like to support Crossroads, please consider making a donation on the PayPay button on tis web site.  Thank You!

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Benefit Crossroads of Iowa by dining at Baker's Square (on NW 114th St.) December 14th!  The attached flyer must be provided to the cashier for Crossroads of Iowa to receive 20% of your purchase. Please click on the following Flyer.